Nathan Graham and His ‘Unspeakable’ YouTube Success

Nathan Johnson Graham goes by the appellation “Unspeakable”. He rose to fame via his YouTube videos focusing on several subjects, including Minecraft gameplay. He is, therefore, one of the front runners in the entertainment world today. Many of his contents are educative and enlightening, thereby making them attractive to many subscribers. Via his YouTube video creations and some other entertainment-focused engagements, Nathan Graham Johnson had been able to register his name among the most influential and wealthiest YouTubers with Unspeakable estimated net worth rising to $30 million.  He started his YouTube video creation several years back and has many of them always ready for the viewing pleasure of his subscribers.

Check below for a few of the many great things that make this YouTuber and entertainment guru stand out from the crowd.

Quality videos for viewers

You cannot rise to fame as a YouTuber except if you produce quality videos that can get your viewers coming back for more. This is exactly what Nathan Graham Johnson is known for: the production of quality YouTube videos to attract more viewers. Revenues from your YouTube videos can continue to flow for as long as that video remains in the public domain, which is yet another factor that turns Unspeakable to a regular earner from YouTube videos.  You can never find Nathan Johnson producing regular video content on gameplay; he maintains quality at all times and this paid off a great deal, leading to Unspeakable estimated net worth of $30 million.  All his contents are fun-filled, getting the viewers engrossed and compelling them to subscribe for more videos. The videos are highly entertaining too, which is one of the many factors making the videos exciting.

Connection with the viewers

The videos from Unspeakable are highly interactive, enabling the viewers to express their minds about the videos. The comment page on each video is filled with thoughts expressed by the viewers and Unspeakable is always on hand to respond to any question they may have. So, he has successfully created an interactive community on YouTube, where every commenter is treated like a king. There is, therefore, no way will his videos not gain the kind of attention he has been able to get from his works. He treats everyone as equal, making him one of the most engaging and entertaining YouTube video creators on the planet earth today.

An industrious, young video creator

Nathan Graham Johnson isn’t a man in his 40s or 30s; he is just a 23-year-old YouTuber! And at 23, he has made over $30 million from his YouTube videos.  While he may not be the youngest and most prosperous YouTube video creator, he is, among the best and most prosperous YouTubers. He has made a mark for himself at such a young age and many will have to put in the extra effort before they can achieve the kind of result he has achieved at such a tender age.  One of the many factors that make him a prosperous gaming YouTuber is a fact that he is also a gamer. He is simply expressing his passion via his YouTube videos.