Things to Know When Hiring an AV Production Company

Planning a big event is a huge deal. It is a process that takes time and you will need to consider and plan on many different aspects to make the event pleasurable and successful.

Of everything you have to do, you will enjoy doing some things on your own, but you will want to outsource some of the work.

Finding partners that follow through on their commitment and provide excellent service is going to be your biggest challenge. While you may know how to handle and hire most of your associates, there is one partner that may be hard to understand, the AV production company.

This is the team that handles the technical production of the event (sound, video, display, etc) When you have the right AV company, you can focus on all the other aspects of your event and not have to worry about the technical details.

How to Find A Good AV Company?

Choose a company with a team who has the right skill set and experience to get the job done. The following are a few things to keep in mind when looking for a company to give you Audio Visual Solutions for your next event.

Consider Hiring Professionals

Don’t look for the cheapest solution by hiring some university student to run your audio visuals. You need a professional AV team.

You’ll need to do a little research and find a company you can rely on, so you want to interview a few companies to see who you feel the most comfortable with before selecting a company to work with. Ask yourself these questions about any company you might consider:

  • Are they willing to work at creating the vision you want for your event?
  • Do they answer your questions?
  • Do you like the people at the company?

When you choose an AV company don’t focus on price alone, instead consider the people and the relationship you may have with them. It is important you feel comfortable and trust them because AV support is definitely about good relationships.


This is not the time to hire an non-experienced AV person. You don’t want a mistake when the keynote speaker is making his presentation. An experienced team will foresee problems and plan for them. When shopping for a company, be sure to look for a team that is experienced with your type of project.

A Creative Team

Innovation and creativity are critical elements in AV technology. Although this is a technical task, the best AV teams know the tech details but also offer fantastic creative ideas. They can think of things like creative set designs, interesting light effects to illustrate key moments


Make sure your AV team set schedules and objectives that meet your expectation. Sit with them to explain what you require and set up your total budget. Set these factors up early on in the relationship. An experienced AV team will tell you whether your goals are realistic for the budget you have.

What Do You Need to Do To Hire a Qualified AV Provider?

Decide on what you want the space to do and on the functions you need. Take note of where AV could help make things work better.

Keep the needed outcome in mind. Prepare a budget that is feasible for both you and the AV team. This can always be broken up into segments. Don’t spend too much time and effort on the little details. These aspects are best left to the team you choose.

In The End

The value your organization will give to participants by offering AV services will be exceptional. Be sure to clear up anything you don’t understand before the event, and ask the AV team to offer the in-house team training, especially if they don’t plan on being