Top Reasons Why You Should Buy Second Hand Instruments

Shopping for musical instruments may cost you, especially if you play a multitude of different instruments. They are very sound investments though. But if you are cash-strapped and still need to purchase another instrument, you can turn to second-hand ones that produce the same quality of sound as brand-new instruments. Dawkes Music Ltd has some of the best second-hand wind instruments you can find. Here are the reasons why buying second hand will benefit you most.

They come cheaper

Used music gear is far less expensive than their brand-new counterparts. The reason is that they have been in use for several months or years already and their price has depreciated. But it doesn’t mean that their value has too. Only their selling price went down.

Their value is the same as a brand-new one

Unlike cars that depreciate in value over time, musical instruments retain their value. Musicians may have already enjoyed their instruments, but their value, as long as they are still in good condition, remains the same.

You have more options

Used music gear offers musicians a more varied range of possibilities than brand-new ones, and they come cheaper.

They have their own stories to tell

Another thing that entices musicians to buy second-hand, besides being cheaper, is their stories. Some instruments have seen the best days in the music industry. Each musical instrument has its own story to tell – from the gigs that it played on to how its owner produced music – which adds to its appeal.

You get to help other musicians

Some musicians struggle financially, which is one of the reasons they sell their instruments. If you buy from them, you get to help them put food on the table or put a roof over their heads. It may be hard for them to part with their instruments because of their financial needs but seeing their instruments enjoyed by someone else will comfort them that their equipment will be taken care of by another music enthusiast.

Buying second hand is more sustainable

Musical instruments use wood, brass and other materials, which means manufacturers use natural resources to produce them. If you buy second hand, manufacturers do not have to cut down trees to make wood instruments, which is environmentally unfriendly.

They were tested and proven

Their sound and quality are proven to be effective because no musician will use an instrument that does not produce a good sound. If you buy a second-hand instrument, you are sure that it is working as it should and another musician benefited from its greatness.

Buying second-hand instruments does not mean that they are of poor quality. Some are even better than brand-new ones. Another point of contention with second-hand wind instruments is their hygiene aspect. Wind instruments require the mouth to produce sound, so if you are buying second-hand instruments, you must purchase replacement mouthpieces to ensure that you are handling a clean instrument. You can never be too careful about your safety.