Hiring a Wedding Band? Keep these Tips in Mind

In terms of hiring wedding entertainment, there are many things you need to take into account. If you are considering hiring a live band for your wedding, you want to get the most out of them to have a memorable wedding party. Read on for more info on hiring a wedding live band:

Book Early

Booking the services of a live band early will give you the chance to get the best choice. Know that famous wedding bands tend to get booked 12 to 18 months in advance for major dates. Also, booking early can help you bag a bargain. Peak months for live bands are the best times for them to charge higher than usual.  Also, the more popular the band, the more they will charge. But, their charge today could be different from the charge three months after.

Elevate your Theme

A lot of weddings are based around a theme which can be general or specific. When considering wedding entertainment, you can use it for elevating your theme. For this, you will need to choose the kind of band that specialises in the genre upon which you will base your theme. Most professional live bands can easily switch genres to change the mood at the party. But, they can play the kind of music and perform in a way that suits your theme.

Think about your Timings

When working out your schedule for entertainment, you must be realistic and ask your venue for advice. You will want to consider having entertainment during the drinks reception because it will last longer than you think with the picture taking that’s expected to take place. With entertainment, the minds of your guests will be taken off their hungry stomach.

Consider the Space you Need for the Band

You don’t want to book a ten-person band if you only have a small dance floor and stage. Also, you don’t want to book a big space with only a duo band performing before the audience. Consider the space you need to play with and imagine your guests in it before you add the entertainment.

Be Clear about Venue Restrictions

Talk to the venue manager about the entertainment you are planning to book before you pay the deposit. You want to make sure they will allow the kind of band you are planning to book. For instance, you don’t want to hire a rock band if you are having your wedding reception at the grade II listed barn. A lot of venues have restrictions like sound limiters that could affect the kind of band to book.

Go Easy on the Band

It’s important to treat the band you hire with respect so they will give you the best performance in return. In case the band may have to travel for two hours to get to your venue and another hour to set up their equipment and check the sound, give them a nice quiet space to relax and change. Make sure to offer some food and drinks. This will help them regain the energy they lost along the way to offer you the best performance your big day deserves.