Are You Ready for a Carbon Fiber Piano?

Let’s get one thing straight right from the start: the new carbon fiber piano from EXXEO doesn’t look like any other piano you’ve ever seen. In fact, it doesn’t even look like a piano per se. It looks like a space age instrument that just happens to borrow a traditional piano keyboard to make it easier to play.

We have seen carbon fiber guitars that look and act just like their wood counterparts. The same can be said for carbon fiber violins and cellos. This new carbon fiber piano is something completely different. It combines the basic principles of a hybrid piano with a futuristic design intended to reflect modern tastes in architecture and interior spaces.

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The Hybrid Piano Principal

In order to adequately explain the appeal of the EXXEO, we have to start with the hybrid piano principal. It wasn’t long ago that Yamaha was the only company making hybrid pianos. Now it seems like everyone is doing it. Be that as it may, a hybrid piano is one that combines some aspects of a traditional piano with other aspects of its electronic counterpart.

On the outside, a hybrid piano is pretty standard fare. It features a body with a keyboard comprised of 88 keys covering 11 octaves. The 52 white keys pertain to the major notes of the C scale while the remaining 36 black keys cover the accidentals. Below the keyboard is a set of foot pedals that help the pianist control volume and sustain levels.

Inside the body is an electronic system that converts signals generated by key depression into piano sounds. Those sounds are amplified through a state-of-the-art speaker system also built into the body. This design allows for a hybrid piano that feels and plays naturally without requiring the same footprint as a full-size grand or baby grand.

The Carbon Fiber Hybrid

The most interesting thing about the carbon fiber EXXEO is that the body itself has very little impact on the sound this instrument makes. The internal electronics take care of the sound. That means the carbon fiber shell is merely a good-looking housing for the piano’s internal components. As such, designers can make it whatever they want it to be.

Designing a carbon fiber guitar is an entirely different matter, explains Salt Lake City’s Rock West Composites. When you’re talking an acoustic or an acoustic-electric, the body of the guitar still functions as a sound box. Designers have to be very careful how they utilize carbon fiber if they want to reproduce the same kind of sound you would get from a wooden guitar.

There are no such concerns with the carbon fiber piano. Shape, style, and weight have little to do with the sound a hybrid produces. Get the electronics right and everything else falls into place on its own. Thus, manufacturers like EXXEO can do some pretty interesting things.

Perfect for the Modern Home

EXXEO hybrid pianos are perfect for the modern home. They offer the rich and full sound of a traditional piano along with the right feel made possible thanks to the genuine piano keyboard. At the same time, the piano doesn’t take up as much space as a full-sized grand.

Its design fits in very nicely with contemporary tastes, especially given that EXXEO chose to let the weave of the carbon fiber remain visible through the piano’s finish. Customers can choose a model with a matte finish if they don’t like the weave pattern.

The EXXEO doesn’t look like any piano you ever seen before. That’s kind of the point.