Information about the best arcade game experience and where to get that

Let’s enjoy some thrilling and enjoyable playing time at Timezone. Timezone, an arena for arcade game di pluit emporium mal (arcade game in pluit emporium mall), has been a leader in Indonesia’s family entertainment industry since 1995. It has dozens of locations across 23 provinces. It provides a range of rides and arcade games for people of all ages to enjoy.

Play a basketball game in the arcade, try luck catching dolls on the claw machine, and take pictures in the photo booth to remember the exciting moments. Enjoy a variety of additional rides and trade the winning game machine tickets for fantastic rewards.

What does one get from them?

  • Enjoy Timezone, Indonesia’s first indoor entertainment complex.
  • Enjoy a vast selection of rides and arcade games.
  • Play some basketball in the arcade for enjoyment, or get adorable dolls from the claw machine.
  • Win game tickets and redeem them for tempting rewards.
  • Definitely worth the money and necessary time.
  • An excellent location for a person and their family that offers plenty of entertainment at a reasonable cost.

Suppose one is looking for an arcade game di pluit emporium mal( arcade game in pluit emporium mall). In that case, Timezone Indonesia offers everything, from vintage arcade games to the most cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) experiences. Achieve the best to earn fantastic arcade prizes by running into buddies at the bumper cars, striking out at the bowling alley, or doing the best. Timezone Pluit Emporium Mall lets you let loose with loved ones and friends while playing whichever game you desire.

Customer happiness is the main focus at Timezone Pluit Emporium Mall. No matter what kind of games a person enjoys, their family-friendly store, entertaining arcade games, fantastic bargains, and well-stocked prize counter are perfect for keeping young and old delighted. To ensure that the customer’s Timezone experience is one to remember, their team puts in much effort.

Payment methods they accept:


  • DEBIT Card,
  • VISA,
  • OVO,
  • Shopeepay,
  • LinkAja
  • CASH

Timezone offers a variety of video arcade games that can be played with friends and family by the young and the young-at-heart. Everyone will also be captivated for a very long time by the activities in the arcade game rooms at Timezone. Drop by any Timezone arcade store in the Philippines if one doesn’t know where to go this weekend and wants to stay inside to avoid the oppressive heat.

The Timezone arcades are the destination for casual amusement with friends and family, whether one feels like blowing off some steam racing their pals over a game of Midnight MaximumTune or knocking some pins down at the Social Bowling alley. The Timezone crew is fully aware that only some enjoy playing video games. For those who prefer a bit of extra thrill when gaming at arcade venues, there are many exciting indoor activities to play.