Impact Of Cricket Gaming Apps On The Popularity Of Sports

Virtual integration of popular sports has created a massive upsurge in their craze and popularity across the globe, be it soccer, basketball or cricket for that matter. We witness more and more emerging apps and innovative features being launched on these virtual platforms to cater to the needs of tech-savvy gamers of the internet era. If we talk about India, one sport that has managed to rule the hearts since half a century ago is Cricket. Whenever there is a cricket game going on, especially between the arch rivals, folks will be glued to their screens, no matter how hectic their schedules are.

Since the advent of multiplayer gaming technology, there has been a proliferation of gaming apps and websites providing a seamless and interactive experience to the sports enthusiasts. No wonder some of these apps have gained a massive following with millions of users operating them worldwide, online cricket game is no exception when it comes to the craze and obsession among the virtual players of this sport. With the growing usage of such apps, the fun quotient for Indians is not limited to chatting about the aftermath of matches, but they can flex their skills and expertise with cricket gaming apps.

Let’s have a rundown of reasons and the course of events that contributed to the epic growth of online gaming and especially cricket game apps in India:

  • Onset of pandemic was the core reason behind the astonishing stats that projected the potential growth of Indian gamers to up to 45 million this year. A number of home-grown cricket strategy games have been launched recently to tap onto the growing demands of millennials and Gen-Zs. Covid-19 was the ideal time for players of different age groups to indulge in any cricket game app and unleash the cricketer within them.
  • Implementation of cutting edge technology and innovative features within the gameplay mechanics, usage of AI (artificial intelligence) and its branches like machine learning and data analytics are the prime reasons for driving the user engagement. These new-age technologies are also responsible for providing deep level insights in the strategy gaming ecosystem, helping the players to make a calculated decision.
  • Although casual gaming apps have also managed to hold a considerable amount of users in the past decade, the rise of strategy gaming platforms and its wide acceptance has transformed India to a global player in gaming industries. Viewership of Esports is yet to soar high in order to match the global trends, but proliferation of cricket match game apps can prove to be a stepping stone on that path.
  • Cricket viewership is also something that has experienced the digital shift; ever since IPL took the nation by storm, a lot has changed in the way people view and enjoy cricket now. The fun has increased multiple fold as a matter of fact because now fans can watch the matches on screen and communicate through the virtual fan watch parties owned by the franchise. Such advancements have opened the door of endless possibilities.

Positive social networking is another positive aspect of indulging in these cricket gaming applications because players from all over the world catch up on the virtual pitch, thus they experience the schwack load of excitement along with the adrenaline rush.