The Basic Tips for Competing in Paintball

The key to winning in paintball is to outsmart your opponent. The best team in the world won’t help you win if your opponent has the best timing and strategy. Because of this, the location of the field is of crucial importance. Wild and random attacks, no matter how flashy, often miss.

Aggressive moves force your opponent to make defensive rather than offensive moves and allow your team to control the game better. You should always try to keep moving toward a new location and attack the enemy from unexpected directions. Moving targets are not only harder to hit but harder to spot. By making smart and quick moves, you can make the other team waste their punches and chase you down with their punches.

To perform these smart attacks, you must always know the enemy’s position while hiding your own. You should always keep an eye on your location, track your movements and make adjustments to your position accordingly. And while you must defend when you need to, don’t let smart defense turn into a fear of movement. It is good to take cover and lower your head momentarily when you feel the enemy’s attack.

Be careful not to allow the natural defensive reaction of freezing in place; the fear of making any move can quickly become paralyzing and pernicious. Instead, it’s best to avoid the oncoming fire and move to a better location as quickly as possible. Force yourself to be persistent in your forward movement constantly. Aggressively moving forward at the right time is the only way to win a match – you will never win if you stay in one place.

You will have to practice a lot to change the ingrained ways of playing. The instinct to hide rather than move is hard to overcome (correctly); be careful not to panic and go from needless paralysis to an irresponsible attack. Once you find the right balance, you will have a considerable advantage over your opponents. Read more at

The key to successful paintball (whether you’re playing stage or tournament-style woodball) is to keep moving. Have urgency to move forward and always try to improve your location. Attitude and aggressiveness are the difference between winning and just not losing. Be reasonably aggressive with your punches and movements, and you will win more often than not.

Constant movement will require relatively light and not too bulky paintball equipment. Depending on your game and position on the field, take only the absolute minimum amount of paintball equipment necessary to keep your load light. Choose your paintball clothing, marker, and other equipment carefully so that they do not weigh you down or restrict your ability to move. Shop for paintball accessories designed specifically for aggressive action on the field.


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