K-pop – The Korean Music Sensation

Music is much like fashion; trends come and go and every so often, a style of music catches on and in no time at all, it goes viral. The Internet has brought all cultures and societies together, which means trends are global rather than regional and K-pop is big here in NZ.

What is K-pop?

K-pop is a style of music similar to Taylor Swift’s easy listening, with a bit of country thrown in, and its origins are in Korea. If we go way back, K-pop emerged in the 1990s, with a rap-dance concept and that soon spread to Japan, where it was very well received by teenagers. The term is largely applied to music genres, including:

  • Pop
  • Hiphop
  • Jazz
  • Gospel
  • Reggae
  • Electronic music
  • Folk
  • Country
  • Classical

Who are the K-pop Stars?

One of the top South Korean boy bands is BTS, which formed in 2010 and has since gained worldwide acclaim; they write their own songs; if you love the band, search online for BTS merch in NZ and check out the amazing choice of BTS merch. Another top band is TVXQ, a South Korean boy pop duo, who emerged from 5 guys in a band in 2003 and they are still regarded as one of the best acts around.

Southeast Asia

Largely thanks to the World Wide Web, K-pop is now popular across Southeast Asia and is creeping into Asia. The live shows attract millions of viewers and that boosts album sales; top bands and artists have many tours that include Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, most Japanese cities and, of course, South Korea.

Top-selling K-pop artists

The top artists include the following:

  • BTS
  • TVXQ
  • Itzy
  • Blackpink
  • New Jeans
  • Le Serrafim
  • Stray kids
  • Tomorrow Together
  • Kep1er

Music genres vary, but they all perform on colourful sets with amazing effects; live shows sell out fast. There are many streaming sites if you are unable to attend a concert, although it just isn’t the same as being there, it is better than nothing.

The surge in popularity

The year 2018 saw the global rise of K-pop and that is largely due to two bands; BTS and Blackpink; both went viral and gained a global fanbase. In 2020, K-pop enjoyed a 44% growth in market revenue, making it the fastest-growing music genre.

Buying merch

If you are looking for K-pop merch, the online supplier has you covered, with all kinds of hip products at reduced prices. Buying merch of the band you love is a great way to support the artist, plus you get great merch. Maybe someone you know has a birthday coming up and they are seriously into BTS; what better gift than some cool merch?

The future of K-pop

While no one knows the future, most music genres evolve and K-pop doesn’t look to be any different; new South Korean bands are emerging to keep the flag flying. Synthesising sharp dance routines is a big part of K-pop live concerts, concerts usually sell out within hours, so as soon as you know of the concert, get online and buy your tickets before the event sells out.