Our Favourite Naked Wedding Cakes

The naked wedding cake, known for its simple design, is becoming increasingly popular. Semi-naked cakes also make a perfect dessert addition to any wedding. The flavors are the main focus of these cakes since the only topping is the buttercream. These cakes can be made in a variety of sizes to suit either intimate or larger weddings. The decorations on the cake are also unique and can be tailored to suit the couple’s special day, adding those perfect finishing touches that fit with the theme.

What Exactly Is a Naked Cake?

Definition: An unfrosted or ‘naked’ cake is one that features layers of sponge with a flavorful filling to add both taste and moisture. The outside of the layers is often lightly covered with buttercream rather than fully iced with fondant. This style of cake is a departure from the traditional wedding cake, which is usually fully frosted and may have layers of buttercream atop the sponge.

Decorating a Naked Wedding Cake

  1. A Rustic Llama Cake:

Consider a semi-naked rustic llama wedding cake. Decorating your cake can be a fun way to give it personality. A three-tiered cake will ensure that your guests are well-fed.

  1. A Buttercream Tower:

Consider a traditionally colored wedding cake decorated with cream roses. The multiple tiers add height and can cater to a large party. The added green foliage and silver stand give this cake an extra level of sophistication.

  1. A Spring Wedding Cake:

For a spring wedding, consider a cake decorated with fresh fruits like berries, passionfruit, and physalis. The style of this cake will complement your big day perfectly.

  1. A Floral Semi-Naked Cake:

This stunning semi-naked floral wedding cake features two tiers adorned with fresh flowers. If you need further inspiration or decorations, consider consulting a florist. The vanilla buttercream provides a perfect backdrop for floral designs.

  1. Rose Gold with Fresh Flowers:

For a more glamorous occasion, consider decorating a naked cake with rose gold accents. Additional touches like flowers and ribbons can make the dessert even more special.

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