Stepping stones to become a Bollywood singer

Are you a budding singer who wants to hopefully make it big in Bollywood someday? And are you confused about how to take your first step ahead? Then worry not, we have got you covered.

Here are the steps that you will need to climb the ladder to success.

Have it? Flaunt it

If you are aspiring to be a singer, it goes without saying that it means that you are good at it and you love it. And hence, the first basic thing to do is to show your talent to the world at every available opportunity. Do you see a singing competition in your neighborhood? Go for it. If there’s a birthday party where singers are required, go for it. Look for recent trending songs like a NehaKakkar song download it and learn it by heart. Sing it and wing it. Make sure you participate in as many competitions and show your skill as many times as possible to the people around you.

This will help you in practice, will give you the confidence to sing in front of an audience.

Build a presence

Today’s generation is lucky that they can express their thoughts, opinions and most importantly, their talents and skills on platforms where people can easily notice them. This will help them gain recognition as a singer and nowadays it is also possible to earn through social media by getting singing offers and similar assignments.

Try to establish fans and followers of your singing and engage them frequently by rendering what they like. Try looking for the latest Hindi songs download and see which all songs are trending. You can accordingly sing a cover on Instagram or YouTube and get thousands of appreciations.

Vocal Training technical

So, what if you’re a singer? Do you know the technical aspects of the trade? Singing sure looks like a lot of fun, but professional singing requires you to have certain mastery over the finer points. It is essential for this reason that in the meanwhile you start taking vocal training classes. Thesecoaching classes are great in training you as a professional and guide you in understanding the finer aspects of singing.

Try to get the part

While you are on your way to becoming a professional, make sure you start applying for singing auditions that are frequently conducted in and around. It is important for this that you have a portfolio profile of yourself. It would be good if you also have a few singing credits to your name. You can try individually or take help from a talent agency that would make things easier. Make sure you know the in and out of Bollywood music. Try on some latest Hindi songs download and be updated on the current music trend in the industry. The auditioning process can be tedious but the key is to keep giving as many auditions as possible.


In the Bollywood biz, you must know the major players who can help you in reaching towards your goal. Networking can do wonders. You never know if a connection with a music director would help you get the next big song.

Take what you get

While eyeing the prize which is the big Bollywood song, make sure you don’t lose out on or reject the smaller opportunities that come your way. If you don’t get the song but the jingle, then take it. If you don’t get Bollywood but Tollywood, then take it. It is okay to climb the ladder slow and steadily.

Never lose hope

Last but notleast, do not lose hope. It is not easy to become a Bollywood singer, but it is still possible. The entire journey may feel tiresome, demotivating and full of failures.  But the key is to never give up and continue trying every single day.