The art of video mapping

Video mapping also is known as projection mapping can create an ambiance of as far as one’s imagination and budget can take them. It can give off a majestic yet lifelike appeal that is sure to create conversation and admiration among the guest. Images can be created in 2 and 3D and projected onto any surface to bring forth the theme of the event. Projection mapping can be used for large or small surfaces, buildings, fields, and rinks. When implementing projections outdoors it is best to do so at night for a clearer and concise view of the images. When indoors there is usually a more dimly lit atmosphere so that images can create the illusion of the scenery that is being portrayed in the most realistic way possible.

When planning an event it is best to curate all creative inspirations and ideas to thoroughly think through any plans on how these creative ideas will be implemented. It is also best to be realistic about the size of the venue and the amount of guest that are expected to attend. The planner needs to clear on if this is an indoor or an outdoor event. Once all these large and small details are established there should be a more concise understanding of what the budget will be for that specific event. It does not seem like much until the prepping for an event is underway and information is needed to be readily available for things to flow cohesively.

Budget is important and needs to be established during the initial phases of planning the event as to make sure that all expenses are covered and all adjustment are made according to the proper budget. When thinking about adding a high-end showcase to an event such as video mapping, it is realistic to consider the fact that it is not as cost effective as a low tech showcase that does not utilize the same technologies. Therefore, the budget for such extravagance could be higher than the standard price for a standard shshowcaseThis is to be taken into consideration so that the planner does not end up over budget and the vision that was created does not fall short due to lack of funding.

With everything that goes into having an event that features projection mapping, it can sometimes seem daunting; however, it is well worth all of the time, resources, and efforts that are focused on the planning and preparation process. It can leave a lasting impact or guest and make an event the talk of the town for some time to come. It can also inspire more events to introduce and feature displays of art and creativity through mapping. There are many various of projection mapping to that can be customized to any event planners needs or specific preference and the sky is basically the limit.

Planning an event within itself is a special time and occasion for those who are involved in the event. Events can be for celebration or to convey information, but whatever the event is, it is usually a place where individuals of likeness gather for the purpose of one main objective (whether that be a celebration or educate). With the evolving technology of projection mapping, events are becoming more elaborate with a lot less material and props that have to be assembled and disassembled making for friendlier and safer atmosphere attendees. Nothing has to be physically created with raw material in the likeness of the image that is desired for display. This yields less time for setups at the start of the event and breakdowns when the event has come to an end making for a more enjoyable experience for the planner as well as the guest.