Why Piano Lessons Are Important In Brooklyn Just As Sports

When you are teaching your kids to play the piano, there are much more important things apart from musical education. There are many benefits to taking piano lessons which even surpasses sports. Learning the piano is one of those activities which can make you smarter and will make you strong. Learning or playing the piano demands a person to sit in a straight posture and also using the hands regularly. There are simply various benefits of learning the piano rather than just learning it. A child’s schedule is packed with a lot of fun activities like playing basketball, football, cell phones and what not. Piano lessons in Brooklyn are going to make sure that your child becomes more creative as well as physically strong.  There are a few reasons why must a child should take these lessons.

Here is why piano lessons in Brooklyn are important just like sports:

Helping in the focus and concentration:

 There are so many different skills that one can learn from learning the piano. Students try to learn different types of languages. Learning it can make you more focused. This is how learning the piano is going to benefit your children. It can make all the stress go. It is one of the best ways to erase the stress from a child’s life. Piano lessons will also challenge the kids into learning a different type of skill. They can teach them how to sit straight and focus on one thing for so long.

Better grades at school:

Music involves a lot of reading and understanding a language unknown. It has been proved in many studies that learning a language can help in academic skills. This is how learning the piano helps to help your child’s academics. Even according to a study, there was an increase in the IQ of some students after learning the piano. Increase in IQ is one of the best motivation technique to encourage the children to start taking piano lessons in Brooklyn.

Improved motor skills:

When your child is trying to learn the piano, it will help him to develop and improve motor skills. The piano requires the use of hands, arms as well as the feet. At first, it will be very difficult to get the hang of all the movements at once. But with time, your child will get the hang of it. It is going to become a type of second nature for them. This is going to strengthen the hand to eye coordination. This coordination is just not limited to learning the piano, but there are far greater benefits to it. Playing sports can only grow you physically but will not benefit you as compared to a piano.


Just like sports, when you are playing, you need to have a discipline in the game; otherwise you won’t learn it. Just like that, playing the piano requires you to have an amount of discipline so that even the practice is difficult, but will still go on. Many children will be motivated after they see the results of discipline. This is what is going to inspire them and make them learn the piano. The discipline the children are going to learn at this stage will stay with them throughout their lives. They can achieve all the other goals if they want if they can maintain discipline throughout their lives.

These benefits are going to stay with your children for long. If we compare, intellectual benefits are more from playing sports. Sports are limited to physical benefits but taking piano lessons in Brooklyn can help the children more than you can imagine.