Viola – The New Cool Music Instrument

Have you ever been confused between violin and viola? Or did you think that they are both the same? You are not alone! It’s a common mistake made by people who don’t know much about the musical instruments.

In this article, you will read why people play viola music and few interesting facts about this novel instrument. After reading this, If you think you should learn this cool art, check out the best orchestra academy of the America, New World Symphony.

Why Viola?

It is very well known that the viola is the alternative to a cello and a violin but why viola? To answer this question, we need to know that the viola’s size is larger than that of a violin and smaller than that of a cello. So, this gives you the opportunity to play both the music using a viola.

Viola benefits

Apart from the above mentioned and obvious reasons why a viola is chosen, there are few more reasons to go for viola. Here they are.

  • Viola is an upcoming, unique musical instrument and when you play it you stand out.
  • Violas come in all sizes suitable for different body types and the height of the players.
  • Using a viola, you can play both violin music and cello music.
  • Since you can play different kinds of music, you get to learn different kinds of musical notes and clefs
  • A viola player is well adept in the notes of more than one instrument, so he has a better edge over the other instrument players. Thus, you are considered to be more versatile.
  • The viola is considered to be of ‘new age’ and more and more latest music composers write notes for viola.

  • Due to the ability to play a wide variety of notes and music, more genres can be played using this instrument.
  • The harmony is better played using a viola. So even a shy player can join a music band and blend in.
  • The viola is an instrument that is best fit for playing the supporting music in a band. This helps you to play in your band and bring out the best in other instrumental players.
  • As a viola player, you are regarded to possess a good team spirit.

However, silly or crazy this might sound, in actuality the word Viola had and has always been associated with lovely romantic and poetic things.