World Music Day – Learn About Its Origin

The International “World Music Day” is celebrated all over the world on June 21. People from different parts of the world rejoice in their unique way of celebrating this special day. Let us know more about how the idea of celebrating this day came to the minds of people. This article will also tell you the motto of celebrating this day and how it was started.

The history of World Music Day

There are two stories in regards to the celebration of The World Music Day. Minister of Culture in France came up with an idea in 1981 to celebrate the day as “The World Music Day”. From that day onwards, the entire world began to celebrate that day every year as the “World Music Day”. This special day is also called as “Fete de la Musique” as a music festival. The celebration of this day began in the year 1982 in France.

There is another theory in relation to the World Music Day. US musician “Joel Cohen” in France proposed an “all-night” celebration of music to mark the commencement of the summer solstice in 1976. Since then, the whole world celebrates this day every year on June 21.

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Present significance of the World Music Day

The “World Music Day” has become a global phenomenon with more than thirty-two countries throughout the world. People celebrate this day in their distinctive manner. This day is celebrated all over the world for the promotion of peace. It is one of the ways to spread goodwill via music.

World Music Day gets celebrated in various parts of the world such as Australia, Argentina, Luxemburg, Britain, Switzerland, Germany, China, Costa Rica, Lebanon, India, and various other countries too.

How is the World Music day celebrated in India?

As India is the country of rich cultural diversity, each and every region has its distinctive musical form to celebrate the World Music Day to continue this eternal music tradition. On this day, several things take place.

Some of them being musicians perform free of cost in museums, parks, castles, train stations, etc. This aids in making all types of music easily accessible to the global public. The World Music Day provides an opportunity to people to commune as well as share their unique bond via music.


So, this was all about beginning of celebration of The World Music Day. This day holds a special significance among people of several countries all across the globe.

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